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Lenny Lawless loves the Planets and Stars
Loves the Moon, loves Neptune, loves Venus and Mars
Lenny Lawless can tell you a million things
About Black Holes, the Big Bang, and Saturn’s rings
Lenny Lawless dreams about going to Space
And flying a rocket all over the place
Lenny Lawless is smart and clever and bright
But sometimes Lenny cries in bed at night

And Mum says
“Don’t worry Lenny
Keep your head high,
You have to look up
To see the stars in the sky”

Some children are nasty at school every day
And that’s what makes Lenny want to stay away
Even when Lenny sits as quiet as can be
Thinking “if I keep still, they might not see me”
The Bullies are always there in the class
Or waiting outside as Lenny goes past
Lenny walks home with head hanging down
And opens the door with a terrible frown

And Dad says
“Don’t worry Lenny
Keep your head high
You have to look up
To see the stars in the sky”

Lenny hates playing sport when the Bullies are there
Because they laugh and they point, and they whisper and stare
Lenny tries kicking the football around
But is nervous and stumbles, then falls to the ground
Lenny’s face is red, Lenny’s knees are sore
Lenny gets up, but the Bullies laugh more…
The teacher shouts “Stop! You’re not being nice!”
Then turns to Lenny and gives this advice

“Don’t worry Lenny
Keep your head high,
You have to look up
To see the Stars in the sky”

Science is Lenny’s favourite lesson
It’s something that Lenny really excels in
For once, Bullies can’t make Lenny feel small
Because Lenny is smarter than them ALL
And little by little, day after day
Teachers and family show Lenny the way
To cope with the Bullies and the damage they do
So the hurt Lenny feels starts to undo…

And Lenny thinks
“Well done Lenny
I keep my head high
And I promise one day
I WILL fly to the sky”

So, because Lenny Lawless is fearless and brave
And decides to ignore how the Bullies behave
Lenny grows up into something amazing
An Astronaut! With rockets blazing!
Then one day the whole World watches to see
Awesome Lenny Lawless making History
Everyone stops, as up in the stars
Commander Leonora Lawless takes her first steps on Mars

And the World says
“We love you Lenny!
You’re flying so high!
You’re a Hero to us!
You’re a Star in the sky!”


By Juli Frances Taylor