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Daddy and Max live in different houses
Max lives with Mum because that’s where his home is
But Max stays with Daddy at the weekends
They have lots of fun and are very best friends
They eat ham and cheese sandwiches, pasta with sausage
But they NEVER eat bread skin, Brussels sprouts, or porridge
Sometimes they go out to the big soft-play place
And, if he’s good, Max can have paint on his face
Then at bedtime Daddy hums him a tune
And together they look at the big silver moon

But when it’s time to go home Max sometimes cries
Because he gets quite upset when he’s saying goodbye
So, Daddy kneels down to pull him in close
And says ‘Hey Max, I love you from your head to your toes
If you miss me, just look up to the stars
I’ll be looking up too and the sky will be ours
I’ll be thinking of you, you’ll be thinking of me
And our thoughts will join up, I guarantee
So goodbye Sweetie, I’ll see you soon
But until then we can share the Moon’

Daddy and Max share the Moon every day
When Max goes to school and when Dad works away
Max knows that whenever he misses his Dad
The Moon shines on them both, so he doesn’t feel sad
Every night he looks up through the white window frame
And knows Daddy is doing exactly the same
Then on Sunday when he goes back to his Mum
Daddy says ‘Hey Max, I love you so much Son
Goodbye Sweetie, I’ll see you soon
But until then we can share the Moon’

Look at the Moon – is it a crescent or round?
Is it really high up or close to the ground?
Is it covered by clouds or is it shiny and bright?
Look up – and think about who YOU love tonight.

By Juli Frances Taylor