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A little girl with eyes of blue
A missing tooth, and pigtails too
Here is little Georgia Gallant
And this is how she finds her talent…

It’s Monday morning and in front of the class
Mrs Legg makes everyone gasp!
“Children,” she says “I’m letting you know
That this week we are having a talent show!
So please raise your hand if you would like
To perform on the stage on Friday night.”

“Oh”, thinks little Georgia Gallant “I wonder if I have a talent”?

It’s Tuesday morning, the lesson is Art
And Ramal Parris is making a start
He’s painting the pictures to go on the stage
But the pictures are huge and it’s taking an age
The wheels on his chair make it harder to move
And he needs so much paint, lots of brushes and glue
Georgia can see that he’s starting to worry
He won’t finish in time – it’ll all be a hurry
So she offers to help; carrying, fetching
All that he needs to finish his sketching
When the scenery’s done everybody agrees
They are the brightest, most beautiful flowers and trees

“Oh”, sighs little Georgia Gallant “how I wish I had a talent”.

It’s Wednesday morning and a strong little girl
Is starting to move, to jump, leap, and twirl
Willow Gray is a dancer with long curly hair
Which she puts in a bun, but it doesn’t stay there!
She can’t do her dance if her hair is untidy
But Georgia can help her look perfect for Friday
With a brush and some clips and a large stretchy band
Georgia soon has that long hair in hand
She plaits it and twists it and turns it around
So not even one single stray hair can be found
Now Willow can dance with joy and delight
And she practices hard for Friday night

“Oh”, sighs little Georgia Gallant “how I wish I had a talent”

It’s Thursday morning and a quiet little boy
Is sitting alone with his favourite toy
Gregor Thompson likes silence, he doesn’t like crowds
He gets scared at playtime when the children are loud
His toy is a cube with colours attached
Which he twists and he turns until the colours all match
Little Georgia just waits until Gregor is done
Before asking him quietly to come out in the sun
They sit on a wall where they can’t hear the noise
Or see the rushing around of the girls and the boys
And she watches as he makes the colours all spin
Until almost at once they are matching again

“Oh”, sighs little Georgia Gallant “how I wish I had a talent”

On Friday morning the children are very excited
Because family and friends have all been invited
Belle Francis tries singing but only can croak
As the poor little girl has a very sore throat
But Georgia can help, she knows just what to do;
Some water, a scarf, and a special sweet too
The sweet soothes her throat, the scarf keeps it warm
And lots of water will help her good friend to perform
“Don’t talk” she tells Belle, who nods to say ‘yes’
“You must rest your voice to be at your best”
And later when Belle is much better at last
She sings very sweetly in front of the class

“Oh”, sighs little Georgia Gallant “how I wish I had a talent”

At last! The Talent Show is here
And the school is filled with clapping and cheers
Belle, Willow, Ramal have lots of new fans
And Gregor astounds with his super fast hands
At the end of the show Mrs Legg stands to speak
“Children” she says “it’s been a wonderful week”
“You’ve all worked so hard, you’ve all been amazing
But there’s somebody else here who needs lots of praising
With her help each of you were able to shine
Georgia Gallant; you’re caring, helpful and kind!”
But little Georgia doesn’t understand
Because she only lent a helping hand


“Oh!” Smiles little Georgia Gallant “Look at me! I’ve found my talent!”


By Juli Frances Taylor