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If I had a cat
This is what I would do
I’d love that cat
And I’d call it Mandoo
We’d climb trees together
To look at the view
He’d be my best friend
My cat, Mandoo

If I had a dog
If one could appear
I’d love that dog
And I’d call it Kameer
We’d go to the park
And I’d keep him quite near
But if he ran off
I would shout out “Kameer!”

If I had a cow
(And I’d really like that)
I’d love that cow
And I’d call it Pat
We’d both jump in puddles
And make them go splat!
I’d be covered in mud
With my cow, Pat

If I had a rabbit
(And I want one so much!)
I’d love that rabbit
And I’d call it Hutch
He’d be cute and cuddly
And so soft to touch
He’d live in the garden
My rabbit, Hutch

If I had a chicken
I’d always hug it
I’d love that chicken
And I’d call it Nugget
I’d feed her a worm
(I would’ve dug it)
She’d always be hungry
My chicken, Nugget

If I had a lamb
In my pet family
I’d love that lamb and
Call it Borghini
We’d run everywhere
We’d be quick and speedy
Because she would go fast
My lamb, Borghini

Mum says;
“We live in a house
And not in a zoo”
But I’d like lots of friends
For my cat, Mandoo

By Juli Frances Taylor